Our Mission 

We are so overjoyed that you are taking the first step to helping your child succeed! Here at Social Circle our mission is to provide a safe, engaging, and fun learning experience for kids 3-18 years of age who struggle with social interactions. At Social Circle, we believe that each kid has a unique path and are here to support them with our expertise.


Our social groups will focus on building confidence, interacting with peers and adults appropriately, expected and unexpected behaviors, motor skills, self-regulation and much more! Our vision Is to bridge the gap between therapy/school based learning to real life situations. We are here to inspire kids to become independent individuals to further support them on their journey.


Our social outings are grouped by age, skill, and social need. Here at Social Circle we believe that hands on adventures are what will pave the way for a successful future. 

What are the benefits of Social Circle group?

According to research, when social and emotional skills are improved, positive changes can occur in other aspects of their lives as well. Benefits may include better quality friendships, attending more social outings, more social motivation, and overall enhanced quality of life. 

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