Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a licensed Occupational Therapist and licensed Speech and Language Pathology Assistant who have a combined 18 years of experience working with children with special needs in both a school based and private clinic setting. We know it's hard for kids to generalize those important skills they learn in therapy with same-aged peers. We provide a place with trained professionals to help your children grow their existing skills, develop new skills, all while making friends and experiencing adventures within their community!

What type of skills do we work on?

Our Skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Disagreeing appropriately

  • Following instructions

  • Giving constructive criticism

  • Whole Body Listening

  • Using appropriate voice tone

  • Minding your own business

  • Resisting peer pressure

  • Staying on task/ Attending

  • Fine Motor

  • Gross motor / Postural Stability

  • Sensory Regulation

  • And so much more!

* If there are any specific skills you would like to address, please list on intake form! We love feedback and try to customize community outings as best as possible to get the most of your time here at Social Circle 

  • Asking for what you want

  • Asking questions for which you need the answers to

  • Answering Questions (wh-)

  • Getting attention appropriately

  • Accepting criticism/consequence

  • Accepting “No” for an answer

  • Asking for help

  • Making an apology

  • Waiting your turn

  • Decreasing anxiety in social situations

  • Recognizing emotions and learning tools to regulate ourselves

  • Importance of hygiene

  • Working with Others

  • Asking permission

How are your social outings different from other summer camps? 

Although we are NOT providing therapy our social outings incorporate our training from our therapy background that other camps may not provide. This is what makes our company so different from traditional summer camps. We know how to model correctly to help them to build confidence and make friends in a natural way. Our groups are smaller, more focused on your child's individual needs, all while making it fun within the community. It takes a special kind of person to understand what your child is struggling with, and with our patience and training we know exactly how to help them in the most effective and positive way. 

Where are groups held?

Our groups are ran in different locations within the community to expose your child to situations they would naturally come into contact with (i.e. bowling alleys, parks, restaurants, libraries, dance studios, etc.)  It’s easy to master skills in a room when interacting with a trained adult who is prompting and modeling, but to transfer those skills with same-aged peers in large open spaces with the hustle and bustle of a group of people, is very hard to carry over. We help generalize learned skills to everyday interactions with peers and build confidence so your child can decrease anxiety, build better relationships and stay true to their most authentic self.

Whats included with registration price?

Our Social groups include, trained staff, a more individualized group program with similar peers, smaller group sizes, admission fees, snacks are provided, and the most important...FUN & ADVENTURE!

Is Transportation included? 

At this time we do not provide pick-up or drop-off services for our social outings. You must arrange your own accommodations for transportation to and from each group your child joins. Schedules will be posted in advanced to allow time for arrangements to be made ahead of time. We do take into account the location of our clients within groups and try to schedule activities at a midpoint for all.

Are Parents/Caregivers allowed to join the group? 

Currently we are not having parents/caregivers along during the sessions. We do welcome parents to interact the first 5 min of each outing to support the transitions. We believe in order for the child to gain independence, they must interact with their peers without the need of a parent/caregiver in close proximity. The Social Circle team will be there every step of the way facilitating to ensure each child is participating to the best of their capabilities and feels comfortable enough to be themselves, while becoming more self-sufficient along the the way. Enjoy your free time and leave the adventures to us!

What happens if it rains?

Our groups are held indoors as well as outdoors. Social Circle continues during rain or shine. In addition, in the event that there is a excessive rain pour that day we may slightly modify activities and/or location, taking into account the safety of all participants.

Can you take kids that have behaviors? 

Children with behaviors such as: darting, hitting, biting, etc., may not be the right fit for Social Circle groups, as we operate within the community in large open spaces. Safety Is our top priority. Disclaimer: Social Circle reserves the right to refuse participation by children with behaviors that it determines may be disruptive or create safety risks to others.

Why are there pre-requisites for attendance to Social Circle?

We feel, in order for the group as a whole to get the most benefit out of Social Circle, the participants should have similar foundational skill levels. For us to be able to target the higher level skills listed previously, participants must have mastered certain base skill to be able to build on top of.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

To ensure proper preparation and balance of groups, we do ask a 48 hour notice be given when canceling. If session is cancelled within the 48 hour window, you may reschedule to one of our available sessions on the schedule page. If less than 48 hours, we do charge a fee of $50. We understand that emergencies do come up. For that instance, we do allow one sick day per package purchase where you can come in to one of our additional classes for a make-up session depending on availability.

Who would be a good candidate for Social Circle?

Children and adolescents ages 5-18 with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ADD, Social anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, children speech and/or developmental delays are all encouraged to apply!

Can we bill Insurance for this service?

Since we are NOT categorized as therapy, we unfortunately cannot bill insurance for our groups. However we DO offer discounted packages when signing up for multiple groups, as well as referral rewards when you tell your friends about us!

Would Social Circle be considered Therapy?

Although we are licensed therapists, we DO NOT consider our services therapy. We DO believe our expertise and experience working in our licensed professions set us apart from the average social group/ summer camps in the area. We like to look at  our social groups to be an additional support system for your child. We feel using our service in conjunction with private therapy gives an extra opportunity to practice and generalize those learned skills in a fun, safe environment that will not feel like work.

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